Distributed Lab

Connecting business to Financial Internet

What We Do

We give businesses a universal technology to connect their assets and accounting systems to the Internet. Hence they can offer customers a fully digital interaction experience.

How We Do It

Development of TokenD — modular accounting and management system for any asset type

Based on TokenD we are building asset tokenization solutions for real assets based on blockchain technology. Our domains of expertise include security token offering platforms, real estate tokenization, remittance systems, gift card, loyalty points, tickets digitization, crowdfunding and anything in between.

Education and community building

We organized dozens of seminars around the world, 12 international blockchain conferences in Ukraine, conducted 14 courses in universities, prepared certification program 


For users

a single app that acts as both a wallet, aggregator and a marketplace

For businesses

a digital toolkit to issue assets online

For consortiums

a reconciliation system without a trusted party

For financial institutions

a segregated account management module that provides full infrastructure for internet payments

Our Events


The Conference BIP001 is a focused and compact meeting of blockchain professionals, dedicated to discussing application of Blockchain technology to existing problems in the society.

Experts from more than


The BlockchainUA conference aims to draw in a general crowd to inform participants, to build a strong community, and to boost the buzz around Ukraine at an international level.

More than


More than 50 video lectures on topics such as arranged bitcoin algorithms working as a confidential transaction, public and private blackany, the classification of the tokens and many more.

More than

Our mission is to build the Financial Internet — when every accounting system in the world is able to transact with each other freely.

Pavel KravchenkoFounder