Distributed Lab
Distributed Lab

Custom development

We are keen on the most popular blockchains — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, Monero, Stellar, PeerCoin, BitShares, NXT as wells built custom ones

Open-source solutions for financial market

Solutions for:
– banking
– payments
– mobile/web wallets
– trading


We organized dozens of seminars around the world, 9 international blockchain conferences in Ukraine, conducted 12 courses in universities, prepared certification program

Open-source enterprise solutions

openbankIT is an open-source and free solution for banks and payment companies. Allows to manage e-money and digital assets according to EU regulation. Includes private blockchain transaction engine; key, admin, currency, fee, invoice management; connector to core banking system; web and mobile apps; identity, prepaid card, merchant, e-commerce plugin.

Shelf is the online, asset distribution and sub-contracting network to sell any type of asset through auctioning. Currently implemented in Ukraine as an auction platform for state property privatization and lease. Open-source and free to use and modify.

Bitxfy is solution for Bitcoin storage and exchange. White-label ready, currently used by 10000 people to store and exchange BTC in CIS region.

Past events

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