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We are building custom tokenization platforms for real assets based on blockchain technology

Enterprise tokenization platforms

Real Estate
Investment Funds
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We organized dozens of seminars around the world, 12 international blockchain conferences in Ukraine, conducted 14 courses in universities, prepared certification program

What We Do


Tokenization is a process of transformation of asset accounting and management to represent each asset by a digital token. Tokenization increases liquidity of assets and removes frictions to trade. Also, it adds new features to an asset that were not inherent before.

Our Portfolio


openbankIT is an open-source and free solution for banks and payment companies. Allows to manage e-money and digital assets according to EU regulation. Includes private blockchain transaction engine, invoice management, connector to core banking system; web and mobile apps, prepaid card, etc.


Shelf is the online, asset distribution and sub-contracting network to sell any type of asset through auctioning. Currently implemented in Ukraine as an auction platform for state property privatization and lease. Open-source and free to use.


Bitxfy is solution for Bitcoin storage and exchange. White-label ready, currently used by 10000 people to store and exchange BTC in CIS region.

Our Events


The Conference BIP001 is a focused and compact meeting of blockchain professionals, dedicated to discussing application of Blockchain technology to existing problems in the society.

Experts from more than


The BlockchainUA conference aims to draw in a general crowd to inform participants, to build a strong community, and to boost the buzz around Ukraine at an international level.

More than


More than 30 video lectures on topics such as arranged bitcoin algorithms working as a confidential transaction, public and private blackany, the classification of the tokens and many more.

More than

Our mission is to build financial internet — when every accounting system in the world will be able to transact with each other freely.

Pavel KravchenkoFounder