All-Ukrainian Bitcoin Hackathon

Kharkiv, April 25, 2015

Distributed Lab organized the first All-Ukrainian Bitcoin Hackathon in Kharkiv, Ukraine on the 25th – 26th of April.

Bitcoin Hackathon – is a unique event that united those, who were inspired by Cryptocurrency, decentralized systems and Peer to Peer concepts to spend 20 hours of non-stop brainstorming and programming. The event was open to graduate students of universities with programming skills and software engineers who were interested in applying Cryptocurrency protocols to create cutting edge financial products.

Our sponsors were Tembusu Systems and Kraken FX.

During 20 hours Hackaton participants were independently developing projects using Blockchain technology. Besides Blockchain, participants had a chance to experiment with #Bitcoin, #Ripple, #Monero,  #Stellar, #DNSChain, receiving support from experienced cryptocurrency protocols specialists from Distributed Lab itself.

At the end of the event, 5 teams made demo presentations of their projects and Distributed Lab proudly rewarded them for their enthusiasm and achievements:

  1. Bitcoin API for Ukrainian merchants
  2. Crypto hrivna currency
  3. Anti-corruption – crime reporting system based on ring signatures and blockchain
  4. P2P lending platform “Poor&Greedy”
  5. Mobile coinmap based on integration of GPS and Namecoin