Why were earlier icos better than today’s?

This question has been bothering me for a while now. In fact, some early ICOs (Ethereum, for example) were real breakthrough products which changed the course of history. They really needed to pull in $10 million dollars for their own...


Tokenization to unleash the value of assets

Would you take this pill? Surely not – it doesn’t have any info on it! But, what if your friend says it’s something you need? Maybe now you would. Now what if this pill is in the package and with...


Tokenization brings more market opportunities

Recently, my world has turned over. Every day Distributed Lab receives projects with blockchain ideas, but in August there was something special. 9 projects came with the ideas of tokenization of one or another asset. Tokenization is commonly referred to...


Everything capable of being tokenized, will be tokenized

Every day I hear about people who are trying to tokenize different kinds of assets. In my last posting I wrote that – in my opinion – all tokens will have collateral – whether that be their equivalent in goods...


Utility vs Equity tokens

My feeling is that in the future people will invest exclusively in equity tokens (startups’ shares). I get the idea that any kind of utility tokens needs to have either a fixed price and represent some goods or services (which...


How to get Bitcoin Cash coins, if you have not claimed them yet

Some holders of bitcoin have not claimed theirs Bitcoin Cash coins (BCH) after hardfork — that is the time to do it. The team of Distributed Lab that specialized on blockchain solutions has prepared a manual how to spend Bitcoin...


Are crypto-currencies similar to the Elements in Mendeleev’s Periodic Table?

Sometimes it’s completely impossible to explain the growth of crypto-currencies. Back in spring, when everything was on the up, Nautilus coin was also up – in fact, very significantly. Yet it turned out that the project at github had been...


​Сrypto-currencies as a ‘new asset class’

People have started thinking that crypto-currencies are a completely new thing, a ‘new asset class’ – and that if a business starts issuing tokens it will be able to make a positive transformation, as well as creating an ICO (Initial...

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