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Processes in asset accounting systems

For many years, people used to believe that the Earth consisted of an amalgam of four elements – earth, fire, water, and air. It took until nearly 1750 for scientists to show that fire isn’t an element, but the result...
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Problems of centralized PKI

To set up a secure connection between two users, they have to exchange keys. In total, there are just three safe ways of exchanging public keys, which are as follows: In a personal meeting – the direct transfer of an...
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Financial Web manifesto

Distributed Lab is 100% committed to make it happen. Any two or more parties should have the opportunity to transact privately and securely, and each of them should have a proof of completion of the transaction. At any moment, access...
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About the role of blockchain technology in fighting corruption

Here are some thoughts: 1) A major cause of corruption is the lack of transparency – in procedures and access to data – as the result of paper based process. Digitization, usage of signatures, public APIs can resolve these problems...
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DL mission: to set up a financial web

It will come as news to nobody that people don’t make good use of their assets. And in fact, quite a few people have no clue what their assets are actually worth, or even — as is habitual in the...
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How to develop virtual ecosystems

For the last month-and-a-half I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the notion of an economy of tokens — something which could be used to develop virtual ecosystems. Some people would say that the theory of inducements for users...
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