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What’s the problem with blockchain being applied to the real sector?

Even a perfectly tested and ready-to-run system can very often experience essential problems related to the integration of it into the existing...
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Even the most trustless system on Earth is about trust between people

What if you’d hear that even the most decentralized, trustless, and far-reaching blockchain-based system, which is Bitcoin today, initially relies on trust...
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Some Thoughts On Equity-Based Token Distribution (EBTD). Part 3-4

Equity-Based Token Distribution. Part 3. “Why utility coins is a scam” or “How to make your kebab stand worth $1B”. Be ready...
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Some Thoughts On Equity-Based Token Distribution (EBTD). Part 1-2

I’ve finally developed a mental picture of how tokenization/ICO should work for projects that are involved in building decentralized platforms and, upon...
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An economic model for disguising a semi‑decentralized pyramid scam

I’ve always been amazed by the technical side of Bitcoin which combines all the achievements of cryptography, network protocols, consensus mechanisms, decentralized...
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The reason to build accounting systems on blockchain

Click to open expanded view (4267 × 1208 px) It’s probably time that we gave a more detailed description of what Distributed...
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