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Tokenization brings more market opportunities


Tokenization brings more market opportunities

Recently, my world has turned over. Every day Distributed Lab receives projects with blockchain ideas, but in August there was something special....

Everything capable of being tokenized will be tokenized


Everything capable of being tokenized, will be tokenized

Every day I hear about people who are trying to tokenize different kinds of assets. In my last posting I wrote that...

Startup alley


Utility vs Equity tokens

My feeling is that in the future people will invest exclusively in equity tokens (startups’ shares). I get the idea that any...

Circles of hell


Blockchain & the financial web – dante’s nine circles of hell

Against a background of rising demand in the financial web, Blockchain could become a means to help users achieve their aims. Doing...

Future of payments


The future of payments: sending money will be as easy as emailing

Everyone today realises that the world is moving to a digital reality. Leading world digital agencies forecast that by 2020 the world’s...

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