A new era for asset management


A new era is coming up in asset management. This process will become fully digital. “Yes, but it’s already digitized!”, many will reply? Well, yes – but not entirely. ~40 years ago, all accounting systems were paper-based. It’s true that today, most of those systems have been computerized – for example, you’ll almost never see a paper stock. Yet the problem remains that access to ledgers is controlled by some people or gateways. If a client made a transaction, but something didn’t go quite right, it’s extremely problematic to prove the fact that the transaction happened. Tokenization is transforming asset management. Instead of issuing orders, direct management takes place through the use of cryptography. For example, in Bitcoin user signs a transaction, and its validated automatically. All kinds of assets will be managed in the same way. A very useful benefit of this transformation is the ability to manage an asset collectively – especially in cases where transactions require multiple signatures. Tokenization will lead to substantial improvements in transparency, speed, and functionality, as well as cutting the costs of trading. This process has to be standardized, and that’s why Distributed Lab is developing and open framework called TokenD.

Illustration by Katerina Krashtapuk

Pavel Kravchenko

Pavel Kravchenko

Founder & cryptographer