Financial Web manifesto


Distributed Lab is 100% committed to make it happen.

  1. Any two or more parties should have the opportunity to transact privately and securely. Each of them should have a guaranteed proof of completion of the transaction.
  2. At any moment at the request of the parties, the access to external auditors may be granted, who will be able to guaranteedly receive all the necessary information.
  3. In order to complete their transactions, the parties are NOT obliged to join or take part in any kind of system or await for confirmation from any other third parties (blockchain validators) or purchase any kind of third asset (such as, for example, any kind of digital coin).
  4. The number of participatory parties is unregulated and depends entirely on the mutual agreement.
  5. No transaction of any kind may be altered without the agreement of all parties involved.
  6. Users must have the right to manage their assets individually (using a key), or jointly, according to the pre-decided rules.
  7. The rules for carrying out transactions must be apparent to all parties since before the opening of collaboration;

We are building the TokenD framework to bring these principles into the reality.

Pavel Kravchenko

Pavel Kravchenko

Founder & cryptographer