Tokenization to unleash the value of assets

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Tokenization to unleash the value of assets

Would you take this pill? Surely not – it doesn’t have any info on it! But, what if your friend says it’s something you need? Maybe now you would. Now what if this pill is in the package and with a certificate from reputable drug producer? Next, what if it comes with a receipt from your doctor? Or (let’s assume that this is possible) you can test its chemical composition and be sure that it’s the same pill as described in the certificate and the doctor’s receipt? In the ultimate case, what if you can test that chemicals in the pill are optimal for your DNA and are approved by independent research?

Would this pill become more valuable for you? Sure. The value the pill increases depending on how much info you have about it. Interesting, but the properties of the pill itself haven’t changed!
This will happen with any asset during the tokenization process. We are at the edge of the huge shift, which will unleash the value of assets and increase the efficiency of resource allocation. I am very excited about this and that’s why Distributed Lab is working on an open framework for the tokenization of assets that describes best practices and technology.

Illustration by Katerina Krashtapuk

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