HackIT 2015

October 23, 2015

Distributed Lab is one of the main co-organizers of HackIT-2015, the first Ukrainian Olympiad and Forum on cybersecurity, which was held in Kharkiv on October 23.

While experts of the forum were discussing new methods of encryption, anonymity and protection from hackers, scumware and software, young participants of the Olympiad tried to find out who is better in writing and breaking codes.

Participation of 500 experts from more than 10 Ukrainian cities (among them – 58 participants of the Olympiad in 3 categories), CTF-game (Capture The Flag), establishment of the first Ukrainian community of professionals in the information security and confidence that the event should be annual – are the main results of the first All-Ukrainian Olympiad and Forum on cybersecurity “HackIT-2015”.