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Welcome to the Distributed Lab Press Room. Here you’ll find some of the activities related to Distributed Lab, important topics we deal with, and the media buzz around us.

How Forks Might Help Bitcoin Reach Its True DestinationСoindesk

Pavel Kravchenko on How Forks Might Help Bitcoin Reach Its True Destination.

Tokenization as a tool to balance-out the interests of producers and

Pavel Kravchenko explains how tokenization can balance-out the interests of producers and consumers.

​Why do we need a financial web?BanklessTimes

Pavel Kravchenko, founder of Distributed Lab, about the financial web future and main principles – what it has to do, and what it shouldn’t attempt to do.

The Ukrainian Central Bank Is Expanding Its Blockchain TeamCoindesk

This review by Coindesk reports on how The National Bank of Ukraine is expanding the team working to move the country’s national currency, the hryvnia, to a blockchain. Distributed Lab is helping with the build. As Distributed Lab’s founder, Pavel Kravchenko, confirmed, the startup is at least partly “responsible for [the] architecture, blockchain research and development and security analysis” of the institution’s initiative.

How Will Tokenization Alter the Approach to Investment?

Pavel Kravchenko​ explained how tokenization to alter investment approaches.

Here’s What’s Standing in the Way of a Tokenized EconomyСoindesk

Dr. Pavel Kravchenko​, PhD in technical sciences and the founder of Distributed Lab, in the second of two parts article for Coindesk, describes the obstacles that must be overcome before blockchain technology can deliver on the promise of tokenization.

Estranged Moscow Exchange Director Emerges as Blockchain BossСoindesk

After years of exploring his options, Roman Sulzhyk has become the latest in a string of senior-level executives around the world to make the jump to the blockchain sector. Not only has Sulzhyk invested in the Ukraine-based blockchain startup Distributed Lab, he’s taken on a leadership role as chairman of its board of directors.

The Trust ForkBanklessTimes

​Bitcoin forks really spotlight many problems. Here we are talking which ones.

Assets Will Be Tokens (And It Will Change Finance)Сoindesk

Pavel Kravchenko in the first of a two-part series posts on Coindesk, argues that tokenization of assets using blockchains will have more profound effects on the world’s markets than simply reducing back-office record-keeping costs.

Know Your Tokens: Not All Crypto Assets Are Created EqualСoindesk

In this opinion piece, Kravchenko explains the ins and outs of cryptographic tokens, what kinds there are and how each kind is different.