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The world is getting digitised and the payment processing infrastructure has to move ahead too, towards being faster, easier, smarter, cheaper and available for all the customer categories. Currently it is heavy-footed, slow, closed, extremely expensive and monopolised. Scaling our solutions across the world could help New Gen payment services to get mass use.



The first weekend of July, I was asked to speak at a conference regarding Bitwage in Odessa, Ukraine, called BIP001, organized by the Distributed Labs team. In the Bitcoin industry, BIP stands for Bitcoin Improvement Proposal, which is a process for adding new features to the Bitcoin protocol. The organizers of this event are both a clever and fun group of people and their play on the name of the Bitcoin upgrade method gives you a sense of what things are like there.



Forklog has invited Pavel Kravchenko to speak about the company’s mission, to spotlight the key blockchain trends and to explain hype in crypto world.


The Fintech Times

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a fundraising process for blockchain-based projects that allows investors to own part of a project through a digital network token. Startups in the blockchain world often find this method of fundraising more attractive than venture capital funding for the speed and amount they can raise – on 12th June a project called Bancor raised the equivalent of about $150 million within two hours. But leading experts warn: it’s the time of junk tokens of ICOs. Pavel Kravchenko, founder of Distributed Lab, comments on the future of ICO.


ICO Crowd Magazine

A simple explanation of ICOs, tokens and their prospects by Pavel Kravchenko, founder of Distributed Lab.


The Fintech Times

Everyone today realises that the world is moving to a digital reality. Leading world digital agencies forecast that by 2020 the world’s main channels of communication will be digital. We might expect that the same trend should be following in the payments infrastructure – something that would prompt a whole raft of disruptive changes in the market.


The Fintech Times

An international conference for professionals working with Blockchain and Crypto – rejoicing in the name of the Blockchain Incredible Party (BIP 001) – returns to Ukraine this year for a fifth time. The main aim of the event is to bring together like-minded professionals from all over the world.


The Fintech Times

The first LuxBlockHackathon was held on 8th & 9th May 2017 at SnT Luxembourg. Over 50 blockchain coders from Luxembourg, San Francisco, Kiev, London, Paris, Lisbon, Rotterdam, Cologne hacked away on Stellar, Hyperledger, Ethreum, Monero. During 36-hours, the teams worked on solving a challenge linked to a P2P Asset Exchange that is KYC-compliant by using innovative blockchain-based technology.


The Fintech Times

The international BlockchainUA Conference was held in Kiev on 17 th March 2017, and gathered nearly 1,000 attendees. Forty expert speakers took part in the Conference, from ten different countries. The primary Conference themes were Fintech and Blockchain.



Is ‘blockchain’ failing? Entrepreneur Pavel Kravchenko argues the answer to that question may be in the eye of the beholder.

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