Even the most trustless system on Earth is about trust between people

What if you’d hear that even the most decentralized, trustless, and far-reaching blockchain-based system, which is Bitcoin today, initially relies on trust relationships between people? In order to get things clear, let’s dream up an unconventional, in the context of Bitcoin, example. Alien invasion...
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Описание работы Delegated Proof-of-stake

DPoS (Delegated proof-of-stake) — это алгоритм достижения консенсуса в децентрализованой среде, который является альтернативой консенсусам PoW (Bitcoin proof-of-work) и PoS (Peercoin или NXT proof-of-stake). DPoS был разработан в 2014 году в рамках проекта Graphene и впервые был задействован в проекте Bitshares, позже в проекте...
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How to classify kinds of consensus

Making comparisons between currencies and blockchain systems is often a mistaken idea. Why? Because they're different solutions to different problems. Each of these two systems is based on its own separate security model. If we're talking about decentralized systems, and keep that 'decentralized' idea...
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