Do you seriously believe crypto-currencies are protected from state interference?

There are many people who somehow believe that crypto-currencies offer protection from state interference. In American history, one example would be the compulsory exchange of gold for dollars, which was enforced in 1933*. Those who failed to comply faced possible fines, or even jail...
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Замена ключей в криптовалютах

Возможность доступа и управления криптовалютным кошельком предполагает, что у владельца есть в наличии два цифровых ключа – публичный и личный. Соответственно, личный ключ должен быть засекречен и известен только ему. Каждый выбирает свой способ хранения личного ключа, но есть несколько наиболее часто встречающихся вариантов:...
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Основные принципы работы IOTA

IOTA это цифровая валюта для интернета вещей, разработка которой ведется с начала 2015 года. Она не имеет блокчейна, вместо блоков в цепочки объединяются транзакции, образуя DAG (directed acyclic graph). Эмиссия в системе одноразовая и централизованная. Существует самая первая транзакция в системе — порождающая (genesis),...
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Are crypto-currencies similar to the Elements in Mendeleev’s Periodic Table?

Sometimes it’s completely impossible to explain the growth of crypto-currencies. Back in spring, when everything was on the up, Nautilus coin was also up – in fact, very significantly. Yet it turned out that the project at github had been abandoned for three years,...
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​Сrypto-currencies as a ‘new asset class’

People have started thinking that crypto-currencies are a completely new thing, a ‘new asset class’ – and that if a business starts issuing tokens it will be able to make a positive transformation, as well as creating an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). BUT NO...
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What is going on with cryptocurrencies?

Every day dozens of people come to me with a wide range of questions. How to make money? How to create their own cryptocurrency? What is going on? Where should they invest their money? etc. The euphoria in the market will inevitably lead to...
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