Blockchain and the notaries

Today on my news feed I saw a statement that blockchain will replace public notaries. The suggestion was—who needs notaries if everything’s already been checked and verified? That’s a completely wrong analogy. Let’s consider it step by step. Who are notaries? In a general...
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Improving the financial affairs of all Mankind: myths about the blockchain

Here’s an excellent plan for improving the financial affairs of all Mankind. All we need to do is add the word ‘blockchain’ to the name of every company/project/product. The shares will instantly rise by a minimum of 30%, which would certainly make everyone richer…...
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Processes in asset accounting systems

For many years, people used to believe that the Earth consists of an amalgam of four elements—earth, fire, water, and air. It took until nearly 1750 for scientists to prove that fire isn’t an element but a result of a process. Later, in 1869,...
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Financial Web manifesto

Distributed Lab is 100% committed to make it happen. Any two or more parties should have the opportunity to transact privately and securely. Each of them should have a guaranteed proof of completion of the transaction. At any moment at the request of the...
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The mission of Distributed Lab: Set up a financial web

It’s no mystery that people today don’t make a good use of their assets. In fact, quite a few people have an actual clew of what their assets are really worth. Not to speak of the post-Soviet world where some don’t even have a...
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How to develop virtual ecosystems

For the last month and a half, I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts to such notion as the economy of tokens—something which could be used to develop virtual ecosystems. Some people would say that the theory of user inducement for prompting business growth...
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