Some Thoughts On Equity-Based Token Distribution (EBTD). Part 1-2

I’ve finally developed a mental picture of how tokenization/ICO should work for projects that are involved in building decentralized platforms and, upon that, provide certain services. The approach is called Equity-Based Token Distribution (EBTD) and can be thought of as an alternative to SAFT....
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An economic model for disguising a semi‑decentralized pyramid scam

I’ve always been amazed by the technical side of Bitcoin which combines all the achievements of cryptography, network protocols, consensus mechanisms, decentralized economics and the game theory. I’d find it hard to name any other project the scale of innovation of which could stand...
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How tokenization can contribute to the further development of your business

Businesses with real clients and turnover, bring this to your notice:) ICO startups with nothing more than a white paper and their name receive plaudits and hundreds of millions of dollars. Many people, perhaps a little tardily, today decide to make an ICO out...
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How to develop virtual ecosystems

For the last month and a half, I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts to such notion as the economy of tokens—something which could be used to develop virtual ecosystems. Some people would say that the theory of user inducement for prompting business growth...
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