Some Thoughts On Equity-Based Token Distribution (EBTD). Part 3-4

Equity-Based Token Distribution. Part 3. “Why utility coins is a scam” or “How to make your kebab stand worth $1B”. Be ready for some math, but, I guess, the $1B reward is worth it 🙂 You have a kebab stand. You sell kebab for...
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How will tokenization alter the approach to investment?

A trend is emerging as a result of the blockchain industry, in which companies are selling tokens in their networks (utility tokens, protocol tokens), yet without selling their own shares. In the most extreme cases, there’s no actual company at all (for example, Bitcoin)...
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Tokenization brings more market opportunities

Recently, my world has turned over. Every day Distributed Lab receives projects with blockchain ideas, but in August there was something special. 9 projects came with the ideas of tokenization of one or another asset. Tokenization is commonly referred to as the tokens issuance...
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Everything capable of being tokenized, will be tokenized

Every day I hear about people who are trying to tokenize different kinds of assets. In my last posting I wrote that – in my opinion – all tokens will have collateral – whether that be their equivalent in goods and services; as a...
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Utility vs Equity tokens

My feeling is that in the future people will invest exclusively in equity tokens (startups’ shares). I get the idea that any kind of utility tokens needs to have either a fixed price and represent some goods or services (which the startup is selling)...
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